Welcome to the Official Site of the BC Cobra Club.

We are a fraternity of Cobra replica Owners and Enthusiasts situated in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and we invite you to stick around a bit and check out our site. We have a lot of interesting Topics, Technical Resources, Picture Galleries and Video Logs to share the Cobra experience and we update our site regularly as news develops.

cobra collection Back in ’97, a handful of guys got together at our local Cobra Shop one evening and decided to form a small Club centered on our mutual love for the Cobra Replica. We decided right from the beginning to keep our Club loosely structured, non-political and meet when we could for some cruising. Saturday mornings, a Breakfast meeting at a local restaurant in Langley city followed by a cruise was standard practice and a good way to kick-start the weekends.

Our Members faithfully support a number of well-attended Car Shows and our Cobra Replicas are ever present to be enjoyed by all. Our guys are always eager to talk ‘shop’ with any Cobra enthusiast and have a collective wealth of Information and Experience to share. The BC Cobra Club is an interactive and supportive organization there to serve its’ members interests in owning, building, driving and maintaining this legendary icon. It’s not uncommon for a number of the guys to get together and help one another out with whatever challenge pops up during a ‘build’ or just to drop by and say ‘hello’.

As a Club, our members also recognize the importance of sharing the experience with Family and Friends and we strive to maintain a welcoming atmosphere in all of our activities. It’s very important to all of our BC Cobra Club members in maintaining a good club environment and our focus is on ‘Quality’ rather than quantity…we aren’t interested in becoming a ‘mega-club’ and risk losing touch with our members.

If you’re considering joining the BC Cobra Club or have any questions regarding our Club, we invite you to contact our President or Vice-president for further consideration. If you have any questions regarding our site, please contact our Webmaster.

We thank you for your visit to the BC Cobra Club site and invite you to drop in often to see what’s new.


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Monthy Cobra Meetings

The British Columbia Cobra Club meets on a regular basis. Our meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Visit our Events Page to find out the location.

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